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Christmas 2014

Living our Heart’s dreams and Aligning with Source Love


with love from Jessica

This last year has been a marvellous one for seeing more truth and for becoming increasingly attuned to the Holy Spirit.  We have had some extraordinary astrological events that have contributed to this. The practitioners, clients and I have all been in super accelerated growth.

All of us working out of Soul on Smith have been inspired to evolve and develop our practices so that we all look at our work as being more and more own own with tools and techniques that are new to us and our clients and the world maybe!

Amazingly we have seen 4 of our practitioners leave or prepare to leave to follow long held dreams. Mirjana is in India learning to be  Yoga instructress,  Julianne’s Half Pint vegan dairy business is flying along and she with it, Emma made the move she’d been wanting to make to the country with the kids and bought a collie puppy. Kate made moves to work out of a Spa and Healing resort in Thailand. incredible changes after 5 years!

So new we have some new Super Practitioners who have joined or are about to be joining the team.

Lucy Taylor an amazing vegan medical dietician. Amazing

Ursula Curnow an intuitive remedial massage and Bowen Therapist teaching energetic awareness and doing bodywork and coaching for life.

Jacqueline Palazzo with beautiful awakened heart Kinesiology and Rei Ki.

We also have specialised children’s yoga for 6 weeks on Tuesdays in January and February with Alex Atkins and Camilla Walford!teachers/csb6

I have decided after revolutionising the work I am doing with clients that a good break is in order to integrate the new knowledge and have a rest. Dr Meagan Hocking is coming to be a locum from January through February and March. She is a passionate and powerful practitioner of NSA and has worked already with many of you so this you know.

SO much excitement!!!

I hope the Source of All Love is your friend and ally always.

With Love From DR Jessica Wells

19th December 2014

Welcome to our new site!

Dear All,

Welcome to our site!
I pray you are all flourishing.

We expect you will find good and useful things here. That opening chrysanthemum is brilliant isn’t it? Dave Bushell the design meister designed  this site and Tom Greenhill built it very cleverly! I will put a link on for their sites too.

We moved to the Loft on Smith St on the first of December. We have called it Soul on Smith Healing Centre. And now we are in her, loving it. Please visit if you haven’t been yet! This place has an amazing vibe. The feng shui analysis told us that it is a place of abundance, peace, harmony and evolution. It is perfect. Actually I’ll give you the link to Brigitte Seum’s website in case you would like to have her help. She is the feng shui guru.

In April I saw Dr Donny Epstein every day for 4 days and have come back with a lot of new things to share with you.

Following this is some lovely information about the other amazing practitioners working in the Soul on Swanston  and Soul on Smith Healing Centres.

And a picture of the zen dog Merlot. Our writing artist has a photo of the last Dalai Lama and his dog. His dog looks just like ours!

Hope to see and hear and hug you soon anyhow.

With love from

Dr Jessica


23rd July 2010

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