The best place to read the research into Network Spinal Analysis is at

Studies show that clients having NSA care:

  • Have up to 200% improvement to response to other healing methods
  • Report improvements in almost every area of their life from pains diminishing to    happiness within and  more joy relating to others.
  • Improve their ability to handle day to day stress


  • NSA is technique developed by Dr Donald Epstein in the eighties in NY. Why are so many chiropractors choosing to practice NSA? There are many different reasons, including the fact it delivers results that are lasting and there are no risks of stroke or joint injury.
  • The philosophy is that the body has the ability to heal itself if interference is removed.
  • NSA helps build thecommunication channels between the heart, mind and the spine. In doing so your spine develops a `wave’. This wave is largely unconscious and is unique to patients of NSA. Much research has been done on this phenomenon that gently allows the spine to correct itself.
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